How do I change the nameservers for my domain?

If you registered your domain name with a different registar, contact the registar for instructions on how to update your domain's DNS on their system. Every domain registar has a different way of doing things.

If you registered your domain through DeafVision, your new domain should automatically have the correct DNS settings to work on our server. These settings are NS1.DEAFVISION.NET and NS3.DEAFVISION.NET.

Should you ever need to change the DNS settings on a domain you registered through us, you can easily do this in the Customer Center:

1. In the Customer Center, select "Domains" and then "My Domains" from the black menu bar.
2. Next, find the domain that you want from the list of your domains and click the "Manage Domain" button on right.
3. Next, select "Nameservers".
4. Select "USe custom nameservers (enter below).
5. Change the nameservers to those desired and click the blue "Change Nameservers" button.

It typically takes anywhere from an hour to 72 hours for the changes to propogate throughout the Internet.

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